Our Products

Strength and beauty do not have to be at odds with each other. At California Dental Design we provide highly esthetic and extremely durable fixed restorations. We make this possible by combining our many years’ worth of experience with the latest techniques, tip of the spear technology, and California Dental Design’s own exclusive line of patented (FDA approved) materials. All this combined allows us to provide you and your patients with best restorations possible.

California Dental Design (CDD) Zirconia,

Our Patented CDD Zirconia comes in three different varieties and offers unique combinations of strength and translucency. Our zirconia line was formulated, taking into consideration, the ability to reproduce life like color value, chroma, and hue, while at the same time maintaining superb flexural strength making it the ideal material for any type of case.

California Signature Zirconia (Blue)

California Signature Zirconia (Blue) this unique multi-layered zirconia offers the most translucency of the three and is ideal for extremely natural looking, extra esthetic prosthesis. Ideal for cosmetic cases. 800(+/-50)MP

California Esthetic Zirconia (Green)

California Esthetic Zirconia (Green) offers greater translucency than our Standard California Zirconia while retaining similar flexural strength. Excellent strength and transparency. Suitable for various types of prosthesis. 1100(+/-100)MPa

California High Strength Zirconia (Purple)

California High Strength Zirconia (Purple) this multi-layered zirconia offers superior strength perfect for posterior restorations or patients with severe bruxism. High stability of prosthesis. Suitable for long span bridges and implant bridges. 1200(+/-200)MPa

Implants with custom zirconia abutments

California Dental Design offers custom abutments compatible with virtually any type of implant currently on the market. We have the capacity to custom fabricate the right abutment for your particular case, ensuring that your patients treatment plan will yield the results you expect.

Custom Gold & Jewelry Designs for your Dental Crowns

California Dental Design also offers a wide array of custom designs to exceed every patient’s needs. We can fabricate Full Gold Crowns, Platinum Crowns, Silver free titanium alloys, as well as decorative precious stones.


Our California Dental Design (CDD) veneers are engineered to go as thin as .03 millimeters, in order to be completely unobtrusive. We provide patients with the esthetic results that they expect and deserve. Our CDD technique is comparable and in many ways superior to standard Emax techniques.

Night Guards

We also produce high quality night guards made from acrylic resin. These durable night guards are designed to help patients adapt to the feel of their new smile, immediately following the final seating of their new prosthesis. They help provide comfort and help minimize wear on opposing dentition